Outsider Art Fair Paris 2016

The Good Luck Gallery is proud to participate in this year’s
The Outsider Art Fair Paris
October 20 – 23, 2016


The Good Luck Gallery,  which opened its doors in March 2014, has quickly established itself as a major presence in the world of self-taught art, and is looking forward to exhibiting at The Outsider Art Fair Paris 2016. The work of three remarkable self-taught artists, each of whom has had solo shows at the gallery, will be on display.

Helen Rae
June 15, 2016
colored pencil and graphite on paper
24 x 18

The work of Helen Rae has attracted a lot of attention since her first sold-out show at The Good Luck Gallery last spring. A singular and intuitive stylist, Helen’s drawings, in graphite and colored pencil, are immediately striking for their vivid imagery, resonant use of color and innovative reworking of source material. Using fashion advertisements as a point of departure for otherworldly journeys into the subconscious, she transforms the original images into something uniquely expressive that possesses a strange beauty and power.

Andrew Frieder
Untitled (Pink Nude) 2007
mixed media on paper
22.25 x 15″

Andrew Frieder’s depictions of serpents, phantoms and hybrid beasts-often scrawled upon with text and frequently pierced, glued and otherwise driven into aesthetic submission-evince an uncanny combination of the visceral and the meticulous, and carry a highly-charged psychological weight. Frieder (1959-2014) spent his most productive years in Lancaster, on the western edge of the Mojave Desert, where he worked day and night for several decades, producing a vast body of work in a variety of mediums. It was only after his death that the full range of his output was discovered.

Willard Hill Untitled (Man Laying with Baby in Lap)n.d. masking tape and mixed media 5.5x9.5x7”
Willard Hill
Untitled (Man Laying with Baby in Lap)n.d.
masking tape and mixed media

Willard Hill makes sculptures from masking tape, toothpicks, cotton balls and snippets of his wife’s wigs, among other things. These miniaturist creations. intricately-wrought renderings of people, animals and vehicles -have a distinctive charm in which Willard’s personality and skill clearly come across: both innocent and sharp-witted, with a rough-hewn elegance. Until recently, Willard only sold his sculptures to locals and never expected his work to be seen beyond his porch in Manchester, Tennessee. As he says, “I make art just to make.” The Outsider Art Fair Paris, now in its fourth year, is dedicated to presenting work by both renowned and recently discovered self-taught artists and features some of the most prestigious Outsider Art galleries from Europe and the United States. This will be The Good Luck Gallery’s first overseas venture, at the Hôtel du Duc from October 20th to 23rd.