Yarn Bombing Los Angeles

The Good Luck Gallery is proud to present:

Yarn Bombing Los Angeles

July 12 – July 26, 2014
Opening Reception July 12, 7 – 10pm



On July 12th the Good Luck Gallery will be surrendering to a Yarn Bombing takeover when the local chapter of guerilla knitters descend upon Chinatown’s center for visionary art and treat it to a textile transformation.

From its origins in Texas in the 1990s, the practice of Yarn Bombing has grown into a global phenomenon with branches all over the world, including a very active one in Los Angeles. The traditionally benign and sedentary activities of knitting and sewing have taken on an entirely more vibrant and sometimes subversive life in non-domestic settings. An activity usually perceived as dull is now used to combat dullness: as a playful artistic antidote to the drabness of urban spaces, which are brightened, beautified and liberated by rogue knitters who wrap trees, street lamps, mailboxes and almost any other three-dimensional object with colorfully woven fabric. The incongruity takes the unsuspecting viewer by surprise in a way that transforms the way people relate to their surroundings.

Knitting and graffiti – both marginalized forms of expression – take on a new life in the form of Yarn Bombing, which can serve as a gentle but potent political act. Precedents in the art world include Claes Oldenburg, Mike Kelley and Christo. This whimsical form of guerilla art with strong feminist underpinnings brings together artists, hobbyists and urban interventionists in a spirit of fun and creativity.

As well as working in public spaces, Yarn Bombers sometimes engage in site-specific installations that also serve as a comment upon how crafts are overshadowed and belittled by the forces of so-called ‘high art’. The Bombing will take place on July 12th and the exhibit will remain on view for two weeks. If it’s anything like the Granny Squared installation that all but consumed the Craft and Folk Art Museum last year, this should be a dazzling spectacle to behold and interact with.