Art Moura

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Art_Moura_ProfilePic_largeThe phrase ‘mixed media’ barely does justice to Art Moura’s remarkable hybrid assemblages: human hair, feathers, fabric, wood, string, wire and just about anything else that can be scavenged constitutes these powerful creations that are dredged out of the artist’s subconscious. Neither does the word ‘doll’ adequately describe them. These tangled, fetish-like figures – demonic or angelic – are identifiable as beings insofar that they possess heads and limbs (frequently conjoining). Sometimes nightmarish, sometimes whimsical – often both – they writhe, coil and stretch into abstraction like three-dimensional corollaries to a Bosch painting. Their antecedents include Native American amulets and voodoo dolls, but they possess a beautiful brutality that is entirely their own.

There is no separation between art and life for Art Moura. He resides in Sebastopol, California on a property that overflows with art and found objects, with poetry painted on the front steps and a lawn filled with sculptures. With a doll-covered car for transportation and a wild boar as a living companion, Moura is in many respects the quintessential visionary artist.

Over the years, Moura has painted, sculpted, produced installations and collaborated on set designs. He has exhibited extensively in San Francisco and throughout Northern California. The Good Luck Gallery is delighted to present Moura’s second Los Angeles solo show, opening October 21, 2017 and featuring his most recent body of work, with hybrid-assemblage mixed-media dolls, tapestries and freestanding arboreal sculptures.

Art Moura, CV Highlights
2016 Solo Exhibition at The Good Luck Gallery
2016 Outsider Art Fair New York, NY
2014 “Works by Seventeen Artists”, Hammerfriar Gallery, Healdsburg, CA
2013 “Uncanny. . .Something to Chew On”, Hammerfriar Gallery, Healdsburg,CA
2013 “Fetish”, Gallery Susan Alexander, San Francisco, CA
2012 “4 x 4”, Retrospect Gallery, Sebastopol, CA
2012 “Forward”, Hammerfriar Gallery, Healdsburg, CA
2011 “Games People Play”, Occidental Center for the Arts, Occidental, CA

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