Ted Diamond

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Ted Diamond (American 1938-1985) was the author of strange and wonderful gouaches who spent much of his life obsessed with death and suicide, eventually taking his own life in 1985 at forty-seven years of age.

Although he studied briefly at The MFA School, Boston, he neither enjoyed a conventional education, nor developed a professional career, spending much of his life obsessed by demons.

All paintings were executed between 1964 -1984 while Ted was living in a public psychiatric ward in a General Hospital in the Boston area diagnosed with schizophrenia.

After his death, a group of almost 200 gouaches mounted in notebooks were found in his room on the psych ward by a dear friend who kept them safe for over 30 years. There are single heads, single figures, fragmented and ghostly images, multiple heads, and multiple figures in interiors. Many are self-portraits, and portraits of other patients on his ward.