Willard Hill

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Willard-picWillard Hill was born in Manchester Tennessee on July 29, 1934. He was the third child of eight raised in a strict Baptist home in a segregated part of town. Willard’s mother died at the age of 35 when he was a just a child and his father who lived across the street packed up and left one week later, abandoning his children and never returning.

Willard started cooking in restaurants at the age of 17 and continued to do so in his hometown for 63 years. He has 4 children, 8 grandchildren and 9 great grand children. Twenty years ago Willard was hospitalized with a hernia and giving full credit to God, started making sculptures out of masking tape. Willard doesn’t throw away anything because everything can and will be used as a structural foundation for his intricate sculptures. He’s used coat hangers, plastic bags, toothpicks, plastic bottles, foil, cotton balls and snippets of his wife’s wig. Willard has sold his sculptures to a hand full of locals but he never expected his work to be seen away from his porch. “I make art just to make.”


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Willard Hill, CV HIghlights

2017 Main Street Gallery, Clayton, GA
2016 Paris Outsider Art Fair
2016 Clayton Galleries, Tampa, Florida
2016 Outsider Art Fair New York, NY
2016 Solo Exhibition, The Good Luck Gallery