Harry Steinberg

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Harry-Steinberg_mediumHarry Steinberg is 103 years old and lives in Los Angeles, dedicating daily time to the creation of his playful ceramic characters. Steinberg was medically trained as a nose, throat and ear specialist and worked in the field during World War II, aiding the wounded and bearing witness to the horrors of war. Steinberg continued his medical practice when he returned home and, with the encouragement of his wife, artist Claire Hanzakos, took up ceramics on the weekend. Upon retirement, he dedicated more time to making art in his backyard ceramic studio and found his creative voice. His sculptures of people, animals and totems evoke spirits and characters–seemingly drawn from an inexplicable basis beyond the ordinary–that encapsulate his humor and joy.

Harry Steinberg, CV Highlights
2014 Group Hug, group exhibition, The Good Luck Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
2014 The Good Luck Gallery at Aqua Art Miami, FL
2014 Harry Steinberg 103 Ceramics, The Good Luck Gallery Los Angeles, CA Inaugural Exhibition


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